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Energetic Intelligence™ for Entrepreneurs - Bethany Perry EPISODE 9, 10th June 2021
Sell From Your Soul with Guest Laura Wright (Master Sales Coach)
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Sell From Your Soul with Guest Laura Wright (Master Sales Coach)

Laura Wright is an Published Author, Speaker, Growth Strategist, and Master Sales Coach. 

She has closed a cool $43 million and then some over the past 20 years and she’s the founder of EPIC at Sales, but, for a time Laura Wright’s life was anything but epic. 

After her real estate company crashed and burned in 2008, Laura found herself over $500,0000 in debt and doubting her ability to rise up from this setback, until she remembered two of her greatest gifts: the power to see the potential in ANY situation and the ability to close just about any sale with love. 

A few years later, Laura has made a name for herself in the coaching industry as the go-to Sales Coach for service-based women in business, helping her clients scale to six-figures within months and cross seven-figures in record time.

Website:  www.epicatsales.com

Instagram Handle:  www.instagram.com/epicatsales

Facebook Handle:  https://www.facebook.com/epicatsales

Facebook Group Handle:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/337084626858411


0:26 - Laura's sales journey

2:32 - Stepping out on her own

4:09 - When the bubble burst and left her $500,000 in debt

7:07 - Finally following her heart

11:15 - Redefining the numbers

16:26 - Finding strategy while following energy

24:38 - Burn it down moments in business

27:51 - Fun Q&A with Laura


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