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Education On Fire - Sharing creative and inspiring learning in our schools - Mark Taylor 5th April 2021
195: Sharpen the new platform for smart note taking
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195: Sharpen the new platform for smart note taking

Aidan Whytock is the founder of Sharpen, the new platform for smart note taking. A successful actor and entrepreneur, Aidan has drawn on his background to design a tool specifically for the education sector to provide a revolutionary new way to access and apply learning.

Sharpen fills a real gap in the education landscape for more efficient online collaboration between learners, teachers, and peers. By combining real-time communication with lesson notes that can be recalled and revisited instantly, Sharpen facilitates better, more collaborative peer to peer revision in a personalised and interactive way that effectively takes the user back in time.

Drawing on the proven methodology that learners remember more when multiple senses are stimulated, Sharpen replicates this within the platform, empowering learners to create smart notes to remember more and perform better.



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