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Breaking Through the BS
5th November 2018 • Podcast Rodeo Show: Reviews and First Impressions of Your Podcast • Dave Jackson
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Pauline Longdon and Rae Brent (Best-selling Authors, Marketers, Copywriters and Military Veterans), share their unique perspective, experience and understanding of life.

Join them as they deep dive into the areas of business, money and mindset to expose the common BS that holds most people hostage.

This podcast is an eclectic mix of interviews, insights and quantum-plations to help inspire you or re-wire you for success.

Once you hear Pauline and Rae’s insights, you’ll never experience the world the same way again… and that could be a good thing!

Sit back and have a laugh or have a cry as you break through the BS. It’s time to free yourself, so you can finally have the success you deserve in your life.



I liked the intro. Your audio quality is OK... and as this is your fifth episode, there is room for improvement. There was a fair number of ums, coughs, teeth sucking, that could easily be edited out. You get to the story a fair amount in and you let your listener know your quest was so depressed she couldn't read or write, and now that is what she is doing for a living. Don't burry this lead, and bring it to the front to entice people to listen.

You somewhat have the curse of knowledge that you both know each other very well, and somewhat assume the audience knows as much as you do. There was a bit of a compliment competition where you both just complimented and re-complimented each other.

You are headed in the right direction and there are some easy things to tweak.

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