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What You Should Be Doing Now
Episode 428th March 2020 • The Growth Vault Podcast •
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Here are some great things to consider while navigating your business right now...


-How to "re-frame" your offers and change your language patterns in your marketing during this crisis

-The simple 3 step process to properly triage your problems

-Why the psychological impact will have bigger consequences than the economic consequences

-What you should we be doing now

-How to protect your mindset to avoid a "PTSD like state" after this crisis fades away

-How to Identify new opportunities that still exist for you right now

-Why we should all identify and quantify the "big scary monster" so we can get back into momentum

-Current low hanging fruit opportunities for your business with examples

-Why divorce rates are expected to rise fast after quarantine and how it will affect you

Anyways, I hope you enjoy the content :)