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Content Planning & Creating, with Lance Jones of Airstory WPCP: 141
31st March 2017 • The Kim Doyal Show • Kim Doyal
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This episode is sponsored by LiquidWeb, my awesome Managed WordPress host Anytime I hear about anything that will help me with my content creation and planning I get excited. Plus, you know me and how much I love new tools. I do have a confession to make, though, I haven't spent as much time as I want to in Airstory. As I've been streamlining things in my business I've started spending more time 'cleaning' things up. So right now everything is a process. It doesn't make a ton of sense to jump into new things before I've made space for them. My initial interest in Airstory was because of needing to create a content strategy for LeadSurveys (still working on that one). I came across Airstory through Producthunt and as soon as I saw who was behind the app (Joanna Wiebe & Lance Jones of Copyhackers), I knew it was something I wanted to try. Who would be better at putting together an app for organizing content and writing than a writer?   I'll definitely do a follow-up post with how I'm using Airstory and what is working for me (truth: this might take a little longer since I'm approaching my content from a different perspective. In other words, taking more time to create more in-depth content. I'll still produce some quick posts when the mood strikes me, but I want to go deeper most of the time). Let's jump into the interview Questions I Asked Lance Before we get into Airstory, your partner in business and life is Joanna Wiebe and you two are the brains behind Copyhackers. For those who aren't familiar with Copyhackers, can you share what the site is about and what you guys do? Let's jump into Airstory. Can you explain what Airstory is? What made you guys decided to create a SaaS product? Can you share what the process was like for building Airstory? You guys did a beta run of the app before it launched to the public on February 2nd. How did you determine the length of the beta? Let's talk pricing. Something that seems to be a little all over the place with SaaS products. How did you decide on the pricing model for Airstory? What's the plan for the remainder of this year? What You're Going to Learn How they went about starting a web app (and why they didn't go with a WordPress plugin) How long it took to go from idea to beta release (and how changing developers was the right move) What type of feedback their users have been giving What features people use most in Airstory How Airstory is being compared to Google Docs The roll that cards and drag and drop functionality play in Airstory What integrations and extensions make Airstory so easy to use Where to Connect with Lance, Joanna and Airstory Airstory | Facebook | Twitter    



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