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Organ Trafficking Part: 1
Episode 622nd December 2021 • Speaking for the Silenced • Hopewell Valley Student Publication Network
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Show Name:  Speaking for the Silenced

Episode 6:  Organ Trafficking: Part 1

Tune into this week’s episode of #SpeakingfortheSilenced!

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In this episode of Speaking for the Silenced, we will begin a two-part segment discussing organ trafficking, perhaps one of the least visible forms of human trafficking. 

Segment 1: Background

  • Involves a lot of stealth and intricacy, many crime groups participate in it
  • Organ demand is much higher than supply, what makes the practice so lucrative
  • Most traded are kidneys
  • Average wait time for a kidney is around 3-4 years
  • Time is much too long, people take desperate measures

Segment 2:  How does it happen?

  • Traffickers target the most vulnerable as in other forms of trafficking
  • Offer a lump sum of money
  • Engage in insanely upscaled reselling
  • Actual removal of organ is done without care for the patient
  • Organ buying and selling is illegal in many countries, many engage in something known as “transplant tourism”, which is legal
  • Little regulation on transplant tourism
  • CoVID-19 has bred the perfect conditions for an influx of organ trafficking
  • Influx of debt, traffickers can more easily extort organ removals
  • Hospitals are backed up with COVID-19
  • Waiting lists for organs increases, demand increases

Segment 3:  What Has Been Done

  • Tracking through the monetary transactions
  • Raising initiative: Project Protect initiative
  • Legislation targeting transplant tourism and organ trafficking
  • Involving the private sector
  • Working through social media platforms, where many ads are posted for organ buying and selling

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Brooklyn and the Bridge by Nico Staf

  • At the Restaurant by Monolog Rockstars

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