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Spiritual Intuitive Coach and Author Athena Demetrios
19th September 2019 • iCreateDaily Podcast • iCreateDaily Podcast
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Athena Demetrios is a spiritual intuitive, a medium and channel, author and teacher, with a story of life-transforming emotional healing through spirit.

After growing up in abject poverty in a dysfunctional alcoholic environment and being terrorized by a boarder who lived in the root cellar, Athena Demetrios repressed her traumatic memories, which thrust her into years of a downward spiral into melancholy and despair.

Until spirit intervened. As an adult, Athena had a powerful spiritual experience that opened doors into other dimensions. This began an odyssey in which truth became stranger than fiction―a journey through hypnotic regression that led her to transcendence and healing.

Athena maintained a successful career in the film industry as a make-up artist while exploring the world of the unseen in her journey to make sense of her experiences. Athena’s sensitivity as a psychic began to accelerate when a powerful spiritual experience opened doors into other dimensions.

“The more we love, the more we evolve. The more we evolve, the more the love.” 
~Athena Demetrios, intuitive, medium, channel, author, teacher


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