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Wool Academy with Elisabeth van Delden - Elisabeth van Delden 3rd May 2018
#079: Jo-Anne Bester about wool auctioneering
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#079: Jo-Anne Bester about wool auctioneering

Jo-Anne Bester is the first and so far only female wool auctioneer in South Africa. In this episode, Jo-Anne talks about how the South African wool auction actually works and what it takes to work in the auction room.  

About Jo-Anne Bester

Jo-Anne Bester is the daughter of Eric Naude, one of the two breeders of the well-known Geelbek elite Merino stud. Having been raised on a sheep farm, she developed a keen interest in agricultural activities. Jo-Anne then went on to pursue her studies in agriculture at the Grootfontein Agricultural College outside Middelburg, which specializes in small stock management and offers an exceptional course on Merino‚Äôs. She received the prestigious award of Junior Merino Judge of the year in 2014 upon completing her diploma. Jo-Anne now works for BKB and is the first woman auctioneer in the fibre industry for both wool and mohair in South African history. She is also a qualified Senior Merino Judge and advisor. She is also an equestrian and achieved SA colours for Saddle Seat Equitation, representing SA against the USA in 2010 and 2011.  

Connect with Jo-Anne Bester

BKB website Read about Jo-Anne in the IWTO Wool Issue

Key Time Stamps

[spp-timestamp time="01:08"] About Jo-Anne Bester [spp-timestamp time="01:31"] A typical week of Jo-Anne [spp-timestamp time="02:26"] How Jo-Anne became an auctioneer [spp-timestamp time="03:42"] About wool auctions [spp-timestamp time="06:59"] About the wool auction bidding system [spp-timestamp time="13:15"] How Jo-Anne prepares for an auction [spp-timestamp time="14:28"] How the value gets valued before auction [spp-timestamp time="16:15"] How Jo-Anne started auctioning [spp-timestamp time="17:50"] Working in a predominately male environment [spp-timestamp time="19:50"] What it was like growing up on a sheep farm [spp-timestamp time="22:38"] Recommendations for other young people into the wool industry  

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