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THIRST For More Podcast - Brandon Smitley | Terre Haute Intensity Resistance and Sports Training EPISODE 20, 8th September 2020
E 20 | 8 Overrated Exercises For Athletic Performance
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E 20 | 8 Overrated Exercises For Athletic Performance

0:00 – Show Intro

3:42 – Podcast begins

7:39 – Back Squat

12:14 – Bench Press

21:41 – Conventional Deadlift

26:58 – Bent Over Row

31:51– Overhead Press

36:09– Power Clean/Snatch

41:15– Upright Row

46:15– Machine Work - Leg Press and Leg Extension

About Brandon Smitley

Instagram: @bsmitley @team.thirst

Website: THIRSTgym.com

Brandon Smitley is a world renowned strength coach and athlete for over a decade. He and his wife, Adrian, own Terre Haute Intensity Resistance and Sports Training (THIRST) where they work with youth athletes and personal training clients of all ages. He earned his Bachelor’s degree from Purdue University in Health and Fitness, and his Master’s degree from Indiana State University in Physical Education and Coaching. Brandon has been awarded Personal Trainer of the Year Awards from Purdue University and Indiana State University as well is the 2020 Reader's Choice for Best Personal Trainer in Terre Haute, IN and the Wabash Valley.

Brandon is a sponsored athlete with Elitefts and NutraBio where as a competitive powerlifter he currently holds the all-time world record squat in the 132 pound weight class, with a 567 pound squat. He also holds a 330 pound bench press, and 510 pound deadlift in that weight class, totaling 1377 pounds, ranking 4th all-time. He provides online coaching and programming around the world, and has personally worked with over 200 athletes in the US, UK, France, Italy, Mexico, Canada, and other countries. Brandon’s been published at Elitefts, Muscle and Performance, and Muscle and Fitness magazine.

He holds his Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS), Level One Sports Performance (USAW), Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) certifications, and is educated in PRI for Fitness and Performance.