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For the Partners of Porn Addicts – Joshua Shea pt 2
Episode 63510th January 2020 • Kingdom Cross Roads Podcast • Robert Thibodeau
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For The Partners of Porn Addicts

Joshua Shea pt 2

Today’s interview is going to tread in areas that some may find a little sensitive. So if you have young ones around, you may want to pause this until you are able to listen without worrying about the little ones. Yes, it is going to be that kind of interview.

Today’s guest is Joshua Shea. I interviewed Joshua about a year or so ago on the topic of Pornography Addiction in today’s society. I asked Joshua to come back on the program to catch us up on his efforts to shed light in this particular area that is plaguing society today. First, let me give you a brief background of Joshua.

Joshua Shea seemingly had it all. A loving wife, two children, and a supportive extended family. In 2010, after nearly fifteen years working of his way up the journalism ladder, he launched a lifestyle magazine in his hometown. Within a year, he was one of the founders of Central Maine’s largest film festival and had won a seat on the City Council in Auburn, Maine.

Accolades, including receiving the Key to the City and being called one of the “Next 10 People Shaping Maine’s Economy” by a state newspaper followed. While the public got one picture of Joshua, behind closed doors, his longtime mental health and addiction issues were festering.

A workaholic by nature, he actively ignored the red flags surrounding his long-existing pornography and alcohol problems. Finding it easier to lose himself in a bottle of tequila and adult websites, his relationships with his family, colleagues, and friends grew distant. His business ventures began to collapse.

Then, Life as he knew it came to a screeching halt when he was arrested on a charge relating to encouraging a teenager to disrobe in a chatroom in 2014. He was convicted and served six months in jail in early 2016. Following his arrest, he sought help and treatment through intense one-on-one therapy, group therapy, and at inpatient rehab facilities.

Joshua published a book titled, “The Addiction Nobody Will Talk About: How I Let My Pornography Addiction Hurt People and Destroy Relationships.” We discussed this book in his last interview. I recommend you back to episode numbers 318 and 319 to hear all about his background, what happened and how he has been shedding light on this area – as well as all about that book.

Recently, Joshua has published another book, which is why I wanted to bring him back on the program today

What type of questions do female partners usually have when they find out their partners are porn addicts?

How can someone deal with being exposed as a porn addict, both as the individual involved and also as the partner of the addict?

What about kids in the family of the porn addict, when this comes out into the open? Do you have any tips for them? Perhaps this might be another book topic..

What are the first steps that can be taken to help, I guess first of all, the porn addicts…and then those partners of porn addicts?

What about talking to your pastor? That may be a dangerous road since most pastors are not licensed therapists, correct?

Is your book available on Amazon?

Joshua, thank you for taking the time to come back on the program and keep the light shined on this area of darkness. I know it is a sensitive topic, but I appreciate your openness and frankness in discussing what happened to you and how you are now helping others caught in that web.

Folks, we all know someone who is walking this path. It may be someone you love. It may be you. But I want you to know that Jesus is the answer, no matter what. That being said, there is a weakness there that most people are not able to overcome on their own. Just like alcoholism and drug addiction, pornography is a debilitating addiction that affects more than just the person who is the addict. It affects loved ones, friends and family as well. It can affect the finances of the family. It can even result in jail time.

Get in touch with Joshua Shea. He has been there. He has also been delivered. He knows the process. He knows the pain. He knows the heartache. He knows the embarrassment. He also knows the victory that is possible. Use the links down below to order his books and to get in touch with him if you have any questions. I encourage you, do not try to fight this on your own. Get the help that will result in victory. Yes, Jesus is the ultimate victor. But at the same time, sometimes you need just to talk with someone who has “been there.” Whether that is you or, if you are the partner of a porn addict, you need to get in touch with Joshua as well. It’s not your fault. You need to realize that. Get in touch with Joshua Shea at the links down below and start to get the help you need.



Book: He’s A Porn Addict…Now What? – on Amazon

Book: The Addiction Nobody Will Talk About – on Amazon

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