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New Tech, Business, Morality and God Discussed With Joe Kowalski
5th August 2019 • The Growth Vault Podcast •
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Episode 401: New Tech, Business, Morality and God Discussed With Joe Kowalski

Todays episode is a seriously different type of discussion than I normally publish…  But I think you will really love it…

Joe Kowalski and I discuss the rapidly changing technology in todays world that will disrupt much of what we are accustomed as small business owners…

The conversation then veers into philosophy, morality and more…

In addition to some great business insights and nuggets I think you will see this as a valuable and friendly debate between two colleagues with differing views…

Our world is undergoing massive change and much of that change will directly affect you, your Family and your small business…

Please let me know your thoughts on todays episode in the comments.



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