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Don't Call 'Em Grandma's!
Episode 3519th September 2022 • The Official Seenagers, Never Too Late • Charlie Ponger
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Don't Call 'Em Grandma's

Join The Official Seenagers, never too late, and listen to this hysterical episode about Debbie Nigro and standup comic, Luz Michelle puttin on a girls fashion show for Charlie. Debbie considers herself a fashion icon, while Luz only wears spanxs. All inspired by Vogue's latest Don't call 'em grandma.

Debbie gets Luz out of her comfort zone. It's baby boomers teaching gen x how to do it all with belts, jackets, glasses and you freaking name it. Charlie had a few eye rolls while wonder is this what they do at home? How many times do they change outfits before they leave the house? How many times do women ask, "how do I look in this? Umm, you gonna go out like that? Come on let's go, we are already late! Now whadda about Martha Stewart , Snoop dogs best friend, just in an apron, endorsing Green Mountain Coffee? Hilarious! Wait till you see our video just go to our website

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