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Smashing the Plateau - David Shriner-Cahn 16th January 2017
How To Build A Team of Superstars
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How To Build A Team of Superstars

In today’s episode, sales guru and Business Development University CEO Lisa Peskin shows us how to build a team of superstar performers. She also reveals how to become an impressive mentor, show us how to up our sales game, and explains why business is all about helping as many people as you can.

Topics include:

  • The power of triage
  • Why facing your fears may lead to undiscovered passions
  • The difference between being a manager and being a leader
  • Why you need to give people enough runway
  • Taking on the tough conversations with your team

Lisa Peskin is the Founder and CEO of Business Development University (BDU), a results driven sales and sales management training, coaching and consulting company. She has more than 30 years of experience in sales performance and management. Throughout her career, she has developed an award-winning reputation as a motivational and results-oriented sales professional. After a successful career as Vice President of Sales for Automatic Data Processing (ADP), Lisa launched her own sales training, consulting and coaching business in 2003. Since then, Lisa has helped thousands of selling and non-selling professionals dramatically improve their business development efforts and results through training, just in time support and programs designed to maximize opportunities and drive ROI. Lisa received a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Pennsylvania State University and an MBA in Marketing from Temple University. Lisa resides in Upper Dublin, PA and is married with two children.

Learn more about Lisa at LinkedIn and Twitter.