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Bring Your Product Ideas to Life - Vicki Weinberg EPISODE 62, 21st May 2021
How to successfully create a fashion brand – with Michelle Ramsay, The Fashion Expert®
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How to successfully create a fashion brand – with Michelle Ramsay, The Fashion Expert®

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Today I’m speaking to Michelle Ramsay, The Fashion Expert®, about creating a successful fashion brand.

It’s no secret that fashion is the top selling industry in almost all of the world. If you’ve ever thought of starting a fashion brand (and even if you haven’t!) this week’s episode takes you through how to create a successful brand, step-by-step.

Building a fashion brand is very exciting and I hope these tips will help you start on the right foot. From talking to Michelle it’s clear to see that doing your research is key to success. Take your time to, put the work in and be clear on what you want to achieve. Good luck! 

Listen in to hear Michelle share:

  • An introduction to her business and background (1:28)
  • Why you don’t need to know about fashion to start a fashion brand (3:00)
  • What she helps people with (4:20)
  • The three stages to creating a successful fashion brand (6:59)
  • What you might need help with - and where you can find it (10:41)
  • How and where to find suppliers (14:52)
  • The importance of knowing about any standards you need to comply with (27:26)
  • Why you might want to start a fashion brand (30:22)
  • Funding options available for fashion start ups (39:00)
  • How she works with, and helps fashion brands get started (42:34)
  • Her number one piece of advice for anyone wanting to start a fashion brand (44:32)


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