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301: Release 2022 & Power Up 2023
28th December 2022 • The Well Woman Show • Giovanna Rossi: wellness and leadership coach
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On this week's episode, we're discussing 2023.

You're excited to make plans for 2023, right? I'm right there with you.

But first, let's talk about 2022. Do you remember the highs and lows? Or is it a bit of a blur? Either way, now is the time to reflect on 2022 - not just because it's a nice mindfulness practice (though it is), but it actually provides the foundation to launch you into 2023.

Without this deep reflection, it's near impossible to move forward. Instead we spin our wheels making the same plans year after year and then face the same obstacles we always do. Nothing moves, nothing shifts and nothing changes.

That is not what I want for you, friend.

But it's not just what I want that matters. It's what the world needs right now. We need smart women - that's you - who have the capacity and support to show up powerfully in 2023 and beyond. Our families need us to do this, our communities need us to do this and the world needs us to do this.

So if you thought your 2023 planning was just about you in your corner of the world, making your individual plans, you'd be wrong! Now more than ever, your bold actions matter.

Your actions to take back your health, to make the career move that is going to help you thrive, to make the impact you're here to make or to love deeply and allow others to love you is the foundation of co-creating a world we all want. For ourselves, for our families and for our communities.

It starts with you. How do you want to show up in the world?

Part of the process is to reflect on your successes as well as the disappointments, without judgement. If it sounds hard, that's because it is if you do it alone. I will help you do this. Then, we powerfully anchor into the knowledge we've either gained or remembered this year (we'll talk about this distinction on Friday), so we can take it with us into 2023.

Join me for the Year end event on Friday: Release 2022 and Power Up 2023

This is a special FREE year end event to release 2002 so you can powerfully move into 2023, grounded and with ease and spaciousness.

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I'm here to give you permission to RESIST. To slow down, take a breath and release 2022 before you power up for 2023. (And if you aren't ready for deep reflection and release, that's ok too. Go make a cup of tea and come back to this when you're rested and want to get started.)

You can actually take all of January and into February to do this year end process. I want you to ease into the new year and not feel you must start "crushing" goals right away. Seriously, if you are doing self reflection, you are not falling behind.

Take your time, I've got you. Answer the following questions to get started:

What did you do in 2022 that most felt like you? Where did you feel yourself in your power?

Were there any surprises in 2022? Pleasant or unpleasant, recall the unexpected things you experienced.

Now, what were the disappointments? It's important not to bypass this question.

And what do you know to be true about what happened in 2022? This can be a deep knowing, your inner wisdom reminding you of what's important to either release or take with you into 2023.

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