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Mack Bailey, Music Therapist. How Music Rewires the Brain
Episode 8613th July 2020 • Your Positive Imprint • Catherine Praiswater
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Mack Bailey, legendary musician, singer, songwriter, and music therapist uses songwriting and music to rewire the brain.

Songwriting and music brought Mack from the brink of what he calls a time in his life where he found little hope.

Mack became fascinated with the brain and the use of music therapy to help heal people with PTSD. (Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome.) These studies as a certified music therapist started Mack on his journey to heal veterans who have PTSD.

Listen to Mack’s stories of his own struggles and how he rewired his brain through music and songwriting. Mack shares some of his music and incredible stories about veterans of whom he helped change their lives through his therapy program, Music Therapy of the Rockies.