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Susan Smith 2023 Update
11th December 2023 • A Quilter's Life • Paula Chamberlain
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Susan Smith and I had a wonderful conversation catching up on how Stitched by Susan continues to grow. She is so busy helping longarm quilters to create with confidence, freedom, and joy.  I was so occupied asking her about her classes that I failed to ask about her monthly membership, Advance.  Susan knows that machine quilting can be very solitary, especially on a longarm.  It’s just not that easy to pack up your machine and head to a friend’s house for the day, right?  But she also knows it’s important to have that community to share ideas and tips, encouragement and motivation.  So she has created Advance which is a membership for quilters who want to learn, grow, and advance their skill and confidence.  If you’re a longarm quilter looking for that community, check out Susan’s website to find out more. Look at the detail of the quilting on these quilts! Connect with Susan Website:  Stitched By Susan Facebook:  StitchedBySusan Instagram:  stitchedbysusan Pinterest:  Sitched By Susan / Long arm quilter & teacher YouTube:  StitchedBySusan





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