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The LDN Radio Show About Low Dose Naltrexone - Linda Elsegood EPISODE 48, 13th September 2020
An LDN Prescriber's Experience- Dr Sajad Zalzala
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An LDN Prescriber's Experience- Dr Sajad Zalzala

Sajad Zalzala MD - Dr.Z - combines unique qualities of an experienced doctor passionate about disease prevention and longevity, and a serial entrepreneur. Sajad has been passionate about slowing down and reversing age-related diseases for 20 years. In fact he decided to become a doctor after reading Ray Kurzweil’s books. He became interested in integrative and functional medicine as a medical student. He currently sits on the board of the International College of Integrative Medicine (ICIM).

Dr Z is one of a few doctors personally licensed in all 50 States, DC and Ontario. He has extensive experience in working with startup companies in the telemedicine/telehealth field and has been an advisor to multiple successful healthcare start ups (The Pill Club, Jack Health, forHims). For the last several years, he has run an online clinic dedicated to prescribing LDN to patients across the US and most of Canada and has treated over 1,000 patients with LDN.