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Trade Show University for Virtual & Live Events - Jim Cermak EPISODE 113, 13th September 2021
Ep 113 - Marketing 101 for Trade Shows with Bryan Lefelhoc
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Ep 113 - Marketing 101 for Trade Shows with Bryan Lefelhoc

Trade Shows and Events can be a big part of the Marketing mix for a lot of companies. And Marketing plays a HUGE part in the success of your shows! So in this episode, we bring in a lot of Marketing basics you need to consider.

Joining me on the podcast to share in all the Marketing fun is Bryan Lefelhoc, Director of Sales for Spire Marketing, a marketing firm with three locations serving Northern Ohio, in Ashland, Tiffin and Medina. Bryan also hosts the "Dash of Grit" Podcast. Formerly, he was Sales Manager with iHeart/ClearChannel Communications radio.

Some of the topics we cover:

  • What are mistakes people seem to make at Trade Shows?
  • What seems to happen at every "successful" trade show?
  • How can you make a trade show video one that people want to stop and watch?

Bryan's top tips:

  • Let your current customers know where you'll be
  • Invite leads to the show with a free drink coupon or something when they get there
  • Automate your follow up to optimize your lead potential
  • Don't make your trade show video about you, make it about your customer
  • Have a follow up plan to last as long as the buying cycle does.
  • During follow up, educate...don't sell.
  • Create a video that shows how your product solves your customers problems...not about your company.

Get in touch with Bryan Lefelhoc:

Direct line: 419-496-3525

Email: bryan@spiread.com

Website: www.spiread.com

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/bryan-lefelhoc-965a2532/