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Episode 053: Day 3 of the Selection Box Challenge
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Episode 053: Day 3 of the Selection Box Challenge

This is the 3rd challenge in Content Academy’s 5 Day Selection Box Challenge that we kicked off a couple of episodes ago. If you want to go back and check out the first challenge you can find it here.


To recap – every day we have been suggesting a particular style of blog post for you to create. Our challenge is to create and publish that blog post – to join our Content Academy Mastermind Group on Facebook and to share your post on this thread and to check out the other posts others are submitting.


Today your challenge is to create an embedded piece of content.


What is that you ask? We want you to create a blog post and then embed a piece of content within that blog post.


You can listen to this episode in the player above or look for episode 53 on iTunes.


While creating an embedded piece of content might sound difficult, once you get the hang of it, it can be really easy and quick to do, of course, the real challenge is to make that “embedded piece of content applicable to your blog and niche.


Why Embedded content is so appealing

There are a number of major reasons why “embedded content” works so well, the first is the fact that it is quick and easy for us to add to our content. admittedly it can take time to find the right content to embed if we aren’t going to create it ourselves, but once we do its magic.


The second reason, if we embed for a video for example and people watch that video on our site, it increases the time spent on page and site, Goggle recognises this and rewards it in the search rankings. So we get an s.e.o boost from it.


The third, it makes the content more appealing to different types of people. There are of course people who prefer to consume content in different mediums and having an audio clip embedded or a video will open your content up to new visitors.


There are a few other great reasons why “embedded” content works so well and I’ve addressed those in today’s show, so I won’t ramble on here too long.


Types of Embedded Content


  • Video – YouTube etc. easiest and best way to add audio and visual


  • Tweets – Every tweet can be embedded in a blog post


  • Facebook – posts, status updates, videos and images


  • Instagram – Pictures and videos


  • Live-Streaming or Replays – Periscope, Facebook Lives etc


  • Audio Files – Anchor –  file to quickly put thoughts out and reply


  • Slideshows – Flickr and from other photo sharing sites


  • Infographics – Infogr.am


  • Bookmarks – Pinterest etc


  • Animated Gifs – GIPHY


Further Advice/Reading


I haven’t really got any further reading for you today, but what I do have it two examples of how we have use embedded content in our articles, these will give you an idea of what you can do with it.


How to create a custom Ghostcode for Snapchat

The Best of Bloggerconf 2016


What’s Next?

  • Clear a little time in your diary and to create your post.
  • Make sure you share your completed article with the group and then check out other people’s posts