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Why You Don’t Delegate Series: Mistakes
Episode 2627th January 2022 • Unbottleneck Your Business • Tonya Thomas
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When you’re delegating work to another person be open to mistakes happening. I know that this sounds odd to say given the fact that this is one of the main reasons that many people don’t delegate. However, it’s true that no one is perfect, and that includes you, so realize that others aren’t perfect either. Usually when it comes to delegating, when a mistake is made, believe it or not, sometimes it can be your fault. So, if you’re faced with the challenge of how to move past a mistake being made, please know that there are things that you can do to rectify the situation to ensure that the same mistake doesn’t happen again in the future. 

In this episode, I will share with you best practices for how to handle a mistake made by your assistant as well as tips to help you move past them.  

Today on the Unbottleneck Your Business Podcast:

  • How to change your mindset about mistakes
  • What to do when a mistake is made
  • How to minimize mistakes before they occur
  • When to throw in the towel and move on from a team member


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