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Please, Finish Your Book! - John P Smith Jr 18th April 2016
Behind the Cover: 001
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Behind the Cover: 001

Welcome to Behind the Cover episode number 001…

I just want to Thank You, Answer some questions, and Give a recap. In the training industry we call it a State Change.

It’s taking a break from the learning to reset your mind before we cover more information.
As I mentioned in my episode 000 part 1… I’m from the Corporate Training world. Where I’ve been training adults in the classroom for the past 26 years I’m talking Marines, Technicians, Mechanics, Politicians, Seniors, College students, Receptionists, Physicians, Nurses, CEO, Executives, Business Owners, Athletes, Programmers, other Trainers, Teachers, Managers… and now, I’m working with Future and Current Published Authors… I’m not teaching, I’m just bringing on Experts who can help by giving advice and tips on getting your books finished based on their experience.

Thank You! Because with you listening, it wouldn’t be fun.
Thank You for Listening, I’m so grateful to you for listening to this show, I hope you’re learning something from it. That’s why I put it in the educational category in iTunes. It’s education for anyone who’s learning how to write a book, and the guests are going beyond that by sharing their expertise in their chosen fields.

Thank you for Subscribing, as I mentioned in my 000 episode part 2, it’s like your DVR. You don’t have to remember when the day the episodes are released, just subscribe so that they show up automatically on your iPhone, iPad, or Android. If you’re unsure how to do it, I have video instructions, animated instructions, and written instructions on the home page at pleasefinishyourbook.com

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Answer some questions…
(note, listen to the full episode to hear the details for those 4 things about me)
Who is Erica? She’s a Voiceover Actress, Voiceover Coach, and TV Producer.
She mentioned at the start of Episode 001 … “Father to an Amazing Son”
She mentioned at the start of Episode 002 … “Childhood Violinist”
She mentioned at the start of Episode 003 … “Excel Guru”
She mentioned at the start of Episode 004 … “Injured his knee and wrist at the same time”

Recap from what the first 4 authors said about finishing your book…
(note, listen to the full episode to hear their excerpts)
www.pleasefinishyourbook.com/001 was Jim Palmer | Decide
www.pleasefinishyourbook.com/002 was Adam Markel | Pivot
www.pleasefinishyourbook.com/003 was Diane Gardner | Stop Overpaying Your Taxes
www.pleasefinishyourbook.com/004 was Dr. Kathy Gruver | The Alternative Medicine Cabinet

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