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WTH is critical race theory? How a philosophy that inspired Marxism, Nazism, and Jim Crow is making its way into our schools, and what we can do
23rd June 2021 • What the Hell Is Going On • American Enterprise Institute
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The national conversation about race is making its way through the US education system. Seemingly overnight, debates about whether to teach children critical race theory have taken hold of state legislatures and school board meetings across the country. But what exactly is critical race theory and why is it so controversial?

Princeton’s Dr. Allen Guelzo joined Dany and Marc to explain critical race theory’s philosophical underpinnings and why it poses a threat to American democracy. Dr. Guelzo also discusses ways to combat its spread throughout American society and the US education system.

Dr. Guelzo is a New York Times best-seller author, American historian and commentator on public issues. He is also Director of the James Madison Program Initiative on Politics and Statesmanship and Senior Research Scholar in the Council of the Humanities at Princeton University.

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