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Men of Abundance - Wally Carmichael EPISODE 295, 18th December 2019
Learning to Lead after Loss with Tim Collings
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Learning to Lead after Loss with Tim Collings

Loss is very hard to deal with. Especially around the holiday season. This episode is right on time as Tim and I talk about what we've learned from the loss of those we love, especially those who left us much too soon. Learning to grow from adversity and Kick in the Gut moments will make you stronger.

Meet our Feature Guest 

Tim believes that better leaders can create a better world, so devotes himself professionally to working with leaders to improve themselves and the organisations they lead - all contributing to this overall goal.

Tim was raised by leaders, his Dad in the military and his Mum in Education, and found himself in his first formal leadership role at age 11 in one of the UK's leading boy's choirs - he's not so cute anymore!

Tim progressed on through leadership roles at school and University where he studied Organizational Behavior, and in his early career worked as a Recruiter to help leaders build their careers and organizations to attract better leaders so they could go and do more. This progressed into Consulting and Coaching, culminating in him co-Founding 4iGroup - a Sydney-based Leadership Development company, in 2016.

Tim loves what he does, leading and serving leaders, and is fortunate enough to have worked with a broad spectrum of leaders from corporate CEOs and Boards to Not-for-Profit leaders and up-and-coming leaders across many sectors and countries around the world.

Tim considers the journey of learning to lead to be a life long one, and stands behind his values as the consistent drivers of his leadership success.

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