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Episode 1: Two Criminals
Episode 15th January 2020 • House of Games • Donna Barrow-Green
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Episode 1: Two Criminals

What kind of man drives a 1969 two door holiday coupe cutlass supreme with bucket seats and a console in the middle with a removable compartment where weed and other drugs can be stored? What kind of secret life does a middle class chemist living in a small three bedroom suburban tract house have? Who leads double lives. Follow the lie. In my father’s case it’s the mask of a sociopath. 

Note from the author:

House of Games examines the darkest recesses of my own childhood trauma and the ways it affected those around me. I have spent decades asking why…doing research and interviews. This podcast will weave together the story and the unexpected answers I’ve found. I attempt to explain how brain science frames my own experiences and offer stunning examples of society’s fascination with mental illness, brain science, and dysfunction.

Episode 1 is part of the audio collage House of Games. Chapter 1 is narrated by the author, embedded in a sound scape production .

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