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Dr. Laura Ciel and Bill Poett – A shared vision for love and support
1st June 2016 • Speaking of Partnership: Personal Stories of the Power and Payoffs of Partnership • Ken Bechtel
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Welcome to our 50th episode!

Dr Laura Ciel inspires transformation not only through her rigorous background and training in clinical and medical psychology, but also through her open heart, clarity, honesty and intense passion for anyone to have the opportunity to live life FULL OUT.

Bill Poett is first and foremost a Warrior Heart. He believes that love is the most powerful force on earth and service the highest calling.

He is a nationally acclaimed transformational guide, author, corporate facilitator and radio personality.

Dr. Laura and Bill joined forces to co-create the world's first fully integrated personal and professional development training programs at Life Advance International.

At Life Advance International, they specialize in improving your personal and team performance allowing you to maximize the results you experience in your professional and personal life by applying the concepts, principles and universal laws that the world's happiest, healthiest and most successful people use to get and stay that way!

Guiding Principle, Quote or Mantra

Bill - They teach a model called the True North Compass for both personal and professional partnerships. 

It’s a 6 step process to reconnect to the core of who they are and the vision that they share.

Laura - Have a clear vision of where you are going with your health, romantic relationship, professional life etc.

If you don’t have a shared vision you can work as hard as you want and you’re not going to get there.

When You Tripped Up

Laura - Dr. Laura got married young the first time and was married for 20 years. 

Looking back, she was operating from the belief that it was more important for her to have her marriage look a certain way than it was to honor who she was at the core.

When she walked away from her marriage, everyone thought she was crazy to leave it. From the outside it looked perfect, but had she stayed there she would have been dying daily in one way or another.

Bill - In his previous marriage, he and his wife had gone through some real struggles at the beginning of their time together. And he believed that having survived those challenges, they were bomb proof.

Then his wife left without any interest in doing much counseling to see if they could reconcile he was shattered.

Now with Laura he wakes up everyday knowing it doesn’t matter how well he loved her yesterday. What matters is his capacity to love her today and be very present in their relationship.

Proudest moment in partnership

Bill - They recently worked with a high performing team who was in profound distress. 

The transformation and flow and lack of friction in the team that they witnessed at their executive meeting after working with them for just a few weeks felt so good. 

It confirmed that they are doing what they are born to do.

Laura - She and Bill have a large family. And they hold a very clear vision of what they hope and want and intend for their family.

When they have struggles with the kids, she can look at Bill’s eyes and even if he doesn’t say anything she knows he is holding that vision.

She never had a partner she could really count on personally or professionally in this way. 

Knowing she can lean on Bill and he will hold their vision even at times when it is tough for her is Laura’s proudest moment in partnership.

Bill gives us a great description of what it means to “have your partner’s back.”

What is the best partnership / relationship advice you have ever received?

Laura - It starts with you. Look around at whatever partnership you are in and if something does not feel right, look to you first and make the shift in you.

Talk to your partner about your shared vision. Where are you going? What is the point of this?

Bill - You are inherently worthy. And your capacity, on an energetic level, to own that will determine the scope, the beauty, the impact of everything you will do.

If you are incapable of owning your inherent worth, then you will settle for everything in life that is “less than.” You’ll settle for “less than” relationships and “less than” health and “less than” abundance.

Best Partnership Book or Resource

Screen Shot offer

Free training video and a 15 minute creative visualization tool on their website. Designed so your decisions are in alignment with what you want in life.

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