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The courageous path of love and truth with Tanmayo Lawson
Episode 531st July 2024 • Love, Sex & Intimacy • Sarah Rose Bright
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I love this conversation with the wonderful Tanmayo Lawson who shares her deep wisdom with sprinkles of humour, from her 40 year journey of self enquiry and study and her 20 years with the Gene Keys.   

We explored love and intimacy, how your conditioning affects you, the places people get stuck in relating, how to relate with vulnerability, why love and truth are paths of courage, the journey of getting to know who you truly are and so much more! 

Tanmayo shares:

  • What the Gene Keys are
  • What the Venus Sequence is
  • How you develop your belief systems and conditioning
  • How your conditioning affects your relating
  • Why love is a path of courage
  • Why personal growth can be unsettling for those around us
  • The difference between pro-peace and anti-war
  • How your breath can be your best friend 
  • Her definition of what truth is
  • The difference between analysis and contemplation
  • How to shift from being stuck in the story to feeling sensation in the body 
  • Why it’s important to talk from ‘I’
  • How we have no control over the outcome
  • The power of the gentle approach to sexual healing 
  • How sex can permeate the day
  • How increasing sensitivity opens you up to the ecstatic and subtle realms
  • How getting to know your self is the path to intimacy 

Tanmayo Lawson is an international speaker & presenter with over 30 years experience in the field of wellness, self inquiry and transpersonal study.

As the creator/founder of “Facial Harmony” Tanmayo has travelled the planet promoting and sharing this gentle and powerfully transformative treatment.

Tanmayo has also been deeply involved with Gene Keys and Human Design since 2004 and share her wisdom and understanding of this potent body of work

In 1998 Tanmayo attended Satori in Pune India, fell in love with the process and now facilitates Satori & the 3 day Awareness Intensive around the world.



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Your podcast host is Sarah Rose Bright. Sarah Rose Bright is a Love, Sex and Intimacy Coach, authorised teacher of The Making Love Retreat® and a Gene Keys Guide. She helps women and couples to reset their sex and intimate lives away from goal-based sex and to discover deep intimacy, expansive pleasure and profound love making so that they can feel good about who they are and have relationships that are happy, loving, passionate and sustainable. 




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