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Idaho Special - EP05 - Fujishin Cellars
Episode 242nd January 2023 • Wine Crush Podcast - OR • Wine Crush Podcast - OR
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Our 5th trip on our Idaho Road Trip lands us at the sweet space occupied by Fujishin Cellars! Join us as we chat with wine maker and owner Martin Fujishin!

Martin has been working in the wine industry for 19 years and is currently a winemaker in Idaho. The Idaho wine industry is rapidly evolving and Martin has seen changes in consumer preferences, particularly a shift towards red wine. Martin and his partner Teresa prioritize accessibility in their wines and have developed a reputation as a serious wine region. They make small batches of wine, with an average size of 200 cases, and work with a variety of vineyards to have control over the entire wine-making process.

Martin and his team have also created a sweet pink blend called "Bubble Bath Blush" that has gained popularity with consumers. Martin values creating wines that appeal to new wine drinkers and not just those who are serious about wine.

Martin is a winemaker in Idaho who has been in the industry for 19 years. He and his partner Teresa started their business with a focus on Riesling and Chardonnay, but have since adapted to the changing consumer market and now produce a variety of red wines as well. They prioritize making their wines accessible and enjoyable for all types of consumers, including those who are new to wine.

Martin has a background in vineyard management and sources grapes from a range of vineyards, including those he used to work with. The business produces around 6,000 cases of wine per year, with an average batch size of 200 cases. One of their most popular wines is the "Amatino," a red blend named after the founders' screen names in the game World of Warcraft. They also have a sweet pink blend called "Bubble Bath Blush," which has gained a following among both new and seasoned wine drinkers.

Overall, Martin enjoys the diversity and challenges of the wine industry and is constantly seeking ways to adapt and evolve their business to meet the changing needs of consumers.