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Ep. 153 Vinay Prasad: Making Conversations in Medicine Great Again
28th October 2020 • The Accad and Koka Report • Michel Accad and Anish Koka
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Our guest is Vinayak K. Prasad, hematologist-oncologist. He was an associate professor of medicine at the Oregon Health & Science University School of Medicine and in the summer of 2020 moved to the University of California San Francisco.

He is a prolific researcher with a particular interest in the quality of medical evidence and trial design. He is also author of 2 best-selling books: Ending Medical Reversal (2015) co-authored with Dr. Adam Cifu and Malignant: How Bad Evidence and Bad Policy Harm People With Cancer, released earlier this year.

We have a broad ranging conversation about the tenor of medical discourse today and about his main ideas regarding the quality of medical evidence.


Vinay Prasad: Twitter, Website, and Podcast


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  • Prasad, V et al. "A Decade of Reversal: An Analysis of 146 Contradicted Medical Practices." Open Access in Mayo Clinic Proceedings with accompanying video of Dr. Prasad
  • Vinay Prasad and Adam Cifu. Ending Medical Reversal. Amazon link.
  • Vinay Prasad. Malignant. Amazon link.


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