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eCommerce Momentum Podcast - eCommerce Momentum Podcast 15th May 2020
432 : Taurin Bellavance – Level Up Your Amazon Business as a Value Buyer
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432 : Taurin Bellavance – Level Up Your Amazon Business as a Value Buyer

Welcome back to the eCommerce Momentum podcast, this week our guest, Taurin Bellavance. We had him as a guest a few years ago in episode 258. Back in that episode we talked about the importance of walking away. In this episode Bellavance talks about his progress since then and how he’s been managing his business and balancing work and personal life in order to provide for his family. We will branch off of the last episode Bellavance was a part of as we discuss the benefits of walking away from toxicity. In this episode, we discuss some of the challenges that Bellavance has traversed through and overcome since we last spoke to him. Additionally, we discuss how Bellavance adapted his business during our nation’s current pandemic. In tandem with his success, we hear from Bellavance about 3 things we should consider when we come upon challenge in our business. Finally, Bellavance will go over steps he plans to take in the future to gear up and ready himself for the future. Make sure you tune into this episode to ensure you catch all of the important information shared.


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