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The Divine Breadcrumb - Carol Campos and Deb Sorensen EPISODE 34, 10th November 2019
The Divine Breadcrumb Turns One!

The Divine Breadcrumb Turns One!

Happy 1st Birthday TDB! In this special one-year anniversary show, Deb and Carol reminisce about how The Divine Breadcrumb community and podcast got started, lessons learned, and where TDB is headed in 2020.

Deb and Carol knew absolutely nothing about podcasting when they started planning the launch in late July 2018. They spent 3 1/2 months learning everything they could, and when the day came to record their very first episode, well...they were scared to death

Fast forward one year and they have interviewed award-winning authors, healers, psychics, photographers, artists, DJs and more. Believe it or not, that was something Deb and Carol had listed during a written manifestation exercise in August of 2018 - almost 3 months before the podcast launched! It's amazing how many things have manifested since then! 

Join Deb and Carol as they go down memory lane, laughing at the challenges and celebrating how far they've come. From taking an online podcasting course in July 2018 to attending a women's podcasting conference in October 2019, Deb and Carol share their story.

Thank you to all guests and especially to our listeners. We love you all! 

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