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The Accad and Koka Report - Michel Accad and Anish Koka 2nd September 2018
Ep. 25 Exposing medical students to free market ethics and principles
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Ep. 25 Exposing medical students to free market ethics and principles

Dr. Beth Haynes

US medical schools overwhelmingly support centralization of healthcare and health care decision-making.  That is not a surprise since, over the decades, academic institutions have greatly benefited from healthcare policy.

Because centralization of health care is detrimental to the doctor-patient relationship, students who begin their training motivated by a genuine desire to practice medicine in a meaningful and personal way can easily fall into disabuse or disillusion or may adopt a more cynical attitude toward their profession.

Our guest today is Beth Haynes, medical director of the Benjamin Rush Institute, a non-profit organization dedicated to offering medical students an alternative perspective on healthcare and its possibilities by exposing them to free-market principles and ethics, centered on the supremacy of the doctor-patient relationship.


Benjamin Rush Institute website and student-led podcast

Will Craghead and Daniel McCorry.  Direct Primary Care: Improving Medical Students Interest in Primary Care. (“White Paper”)


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