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36) Know Your Self-Awareness: Healing through Acceptance with Erika Marcoux, MA (part 2)
Episode 3623rd May 2021 • Your Truth Revealed: Healing Fatigue and Lyme • Erika Marcoux
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Specializing in psychology and yoga, Erika Marcoux, MA explains the importance of being mindful of yourself. And how developing self-awareness can help you discover your full potential.

Erika has a master’s degree in counseling psychology from JFK University and has been in private practice for over 20 years. She is the host and producer of Your Truth Revealed podcast, author, and yoga instructor.


Your Truth Revealed:

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What is your educational background?

* Bachelors in Mayan archeology and cultural anthropology.

* Looking at cultures from an objective standpoint and recognizing the psychology of the individual.

* Registered polarity therapy training founded by Dr. Randolph Stone.

How do you work with clients and students?

* Holistic healing

* Helping people heal and notice how they get stuck.

* It’s our brain and nervous system, our whole body that has life experiences.

* We hold emotions and memories.

* We have four primary parts to being human: body, emotions, behavior, and mind.

How can people learn how to be more conscious?

* Recognize your soul as being essential and primary.

* The soul is the fundamental self, the true Self.

* Its characteristics are being conscious and compassionate.

* Notice when you are simply being, perhaps while doing a slow and simple task.

* Notice your breathing. Slow down and let go of distractions.

How is this a shift in perspective for most Westerners?

* Yoga psychology teaches about the true Self and the ego.

* The ego is not bad—it’s how we function in the world.

* The key is not being completely identified with it.

* You are a soul having a human experience.

What is some advice for people who are new to mindfulness?

* When being self-aware, be with any fear that comes up.

* If you notice something that you don’t like about yourself, accept it with compassion.

* Then work on practical ways to personally develop.

* You may notice deep negative thoughts tied to self-limiting beliefs.

* Self-limiting thoughts are solidified by the time we’re 6 years old.

* Re-evaluate them as an adult and shift to a self-enhancing belief.

* Last, be willing to ask for help if you need it.