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Work Hard Play Hard - Rob Murgatroyd EPISODE 112, 15th February 2019
112: Fri-Date | Getting OLD
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112: Fri-Date | Getting OLD

Today’s Topic: Getting OLD




Today Kim and I are talking about getting old! We’ve recently listened to a podcast from our friend Tom Bilyeu where he talked about age with guest Chip Conley. In their episode, the two talk about all the different stages of life, and how we tend to forget the stages between kids and our funeral. In our episode today I’m sharing what I learned from that podcast episode, and hopefully help you learn and grow from it as well.


In today’s episode you will learn…

  1. That life is full of more transitions than we account for
  2. The U curve concept
  3. Attaining vs. attuning
  4. How to change your mindset