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How to Change the Care Industry, Bit by Bit, For the Better.
Episode 88th November 2021 • Eldercare Success • Nancy May, CareManity, LLC
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Show Host: Nancy May, Author How to Survive 911 Medical Emergencies, Step-by-Step Before, During, After!  Expert in managing the path of step-by-step caring for an aging parent or family member, even from over 1200 miles away, or more. For a Free File-of-Life to

Guest:  Jessica Juchau-Scott, a no nonsense daughter, in the UK, working to help families impacted by Lewy Body Dementia and Alzheimer's Disease.

We’re all challenged in getting the best care for those we love. Sometimes things just don’t work as we want.  In this episode, we dive into how Lewy Body Dementia impacted one remarkable former Scotland Yard Detective, Ray Scott, and his entire family.  System shortcomings with his care while frustrating, galvanized his daughters and wife to create better care solutions for other families in the UK.  Thanks to his daughter Jessica Juchau-Scott and wife Sylva, many families will have an improved way to work with dementia care managers, work the system of care in the UK better, and hopefully create memories that generate more smiles than tears.

It only takes one person to start a wave that can impact an entire industry.  This episode is one that I hope will inspire you and others to find strength from adversity, particularly for those caring for someone with dementia. 

Our strength is powerful when we all work together. Yet, it takes a first spark to light a fire.

The approach that Jessica and her family have worked on to further improve the original National Health Service (NHS) strategy for supporting carer families in the UK is based on an initial program that was established in 2015.  The Scott family has worked to  improve how families are considered and supported, together with their ailing loved ones, in the UK.  In addition to improvements to this program, Jessica and her sister are working together with the NHS to co-present Carer Awareness training and mental health staff training to further support the initiative improvements and help carer families. 

The baseline information can be found here: NHS Foundation Trust, Service User and Carer Involvement Strategy. 

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