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The Divine Breadcrumb - Carol Campos and Deb Sorensen EPISODE 5, 13th January 2019
Music, Synchronicity and a Donny & Marie Record Player?

Music, Synchronicity and a Donny & Marie Record Player?

If you love music, this show is for you!

Colleen Murphy is the founder and host of Classic Album Sundays, a live show where the audience is treated to a communal listening experience, enjoying an album (on vinyl!) with no distractions and telling the album’s story. Colleen also hosts “Cosmodelica,” a radio show which airs on the global radio station, Worldwide FM.

Carol and Deb talk with Colleen about the synchronicities that took her from hosting a radio show in high school, to being David Mancuso’s mentee, to creating a life where her love of music takes center stage.

It might be the only show where Donny & Marie and Pink Floyd are mentioned in the same interview!

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