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Let's Talk Deer - Hosted by Bruce Hutcheon - W. Bruce Hutcheon 16th October 2020
Part 2 - Introducing the 4 - Play Custom Box Turkey Call
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Part 2 - Introducing the 4 - Play Custom Box Turkey Call

 Introducing The 4-Play Turkey Call

Eric Steinmetz - Inventor of 4 play turkey call

Worked as machine operator, truck driver, warehouseman my whole life

I am an avid turkey hunter and design and create my own unique turkey calls

I received a utility patent in 2016 on a 4 sided box call that is called the 4 play

I sold the patent to Brian Benolken and partnered as research and development for Cutting Edge Game Calls.

 Brian Benolken - Owner

 I received a BS in Business Management from University of South Florida. After graduation, I began a business primarily concentrating on custom cabinetry and furniture. Last year I purchased a patent for what I believe to be a revolutionary new design for a turkey call. The 4-Play Turkey Call.

 Company Information

 Cutting Edge Game Calls was established in 2019 with the express purpose of producing, marketing, and selling the 4-Play Turkey Call. Over the past year we were identified by the NRA as one of the most exciting new products at their Great American Outdoor Show in Harrisburg, PA. We were also featured in two episodes of the TV show "Pennsylvania Outdoor Life". We have been overwhelmed by the positive reception we have received about the 4-Play Turkey call from hunters.

Our mission is to develop, manufacture, and bring to market innovative products to help hunters be more successful.

 Thinking outside the Box call

Cutting Edge Game Calls is a forward thinking company that is intent on creating and bringing to market innovative alternatives to help hunters be successful!! Hunting products include the 4-Play Turkey Call

Coming together

We are staffed by creative minded people who love hunting and whose innovative ideas are brought to life by talented craftsmen. 

 Introducing The 4-Play Turkey Call

" Who says you can't re-invent the wheel??? "

 The 4-Play is the first turkey call to employ a forward mounted wheel allowing use of 4 striking rails!!! This extremely versatile call can more than double the amount of different calls available to the hunter on a standard box call!!



 Cutting Edge Game Calls