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175 - PRO Tip 3 - Think Like an Attendee
Episode 17522nd September 2022 • Trade Show University for Virtual & Live Events • Jim Cermak
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Here's Trade Show PRO Tip #3 - Hey Exhibitors...Want to make more money, better ROI and absolutely crush your goals? Think Like an Attendee!

So many exhibitors get so wrapped up in themselves and talk about their product and try to sell and mention all of the different facts and features, and end up turning off the exact people they are trying to attract!

  • So think like an attendee…and to start, think to when you have attended a show in the past. What were you looking for?
  • What kind of interactions did you want to have? 
  • What kind of information did you want to leave with?

Now think about that in regards to your next show.  Why are people attending?

I know when I go to shows, many booths that have similar products or services end up all sounding the same because they just tell what they do.  I know there’s 8 vendors here with accounting software.  I know you all do a great job of helping set up my books and give reporting and blah blah blah. 

Tell me how you’re different!  Tell me the benefit I’ll get from you that I won’t get from anyone else! 

Now you’ll stand apart.

Think about it this way – have you ever said, “If they only knew…”?  What is it they need to know that makes you different?  NOW TELL THEM!!  Be extra blunt with your uniqueness as it will be the main thing that will stand out for attendees, and the main thing they’ll take away.

If at all possible, physically set up your booth exactly how it will be at your next show, or how it was at your last show.  Now stop looking at it like you – and look at it like an attendee.

How is your booth, your collateral set up to meet the needs of your attendees? Take time to review all your pieces.  Is everything simple and engaging?  Are you set up to draw people in or make them walk right past?

If you have a hard time doing this and visualizing without being biased, then invite some customers or prospects in to do it for you.  What do they say?  May want to do this even if you feel you are being completely unbiased.  Could be eye-opening and at very least provide valuable feedback.

So take that feedback and make the changes necessary.

Now the most important – is your team trained to quickly engage and give attendees what they are looking for?  Be sure to train your staff for success!  I’ll drop the link to Episode 3 -

Lastly, think about your #1 client or your dream client.  Why do they do business with you or why would they want to?  That may be the same as your uniqueness, or maybe it’s the extra special customer service, or another amazing benefit you offer.  Be sure to not keep these things hidden as this is the stuff Attendees want to know!

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