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Your Life Of Impact with Brett Robbo - Your Life Of Impact with Brett Robbo 20th April 2020
Ep.142 How To Thrive In These Challenging Times, with Brett Robbo
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Ep.142 How To Thrive In These Challenging Times, with Brett Robbo

Are you keen to support your immune system and thrive?

Guess what? The way you think, the emotions you choose to experience, the food you eat and drinks you drink, the amount you move and exercise, how you stay connected to people, how well you sleep and of course how you breathe – all have an effect on your immune system. They all change your hormones and when we're in "survival mode" you live life in that "fight or flight" sympathetic nervous system stress response where your body increases all the stress hormones and decreases the amount of healthy, helpful hormones in your body, impacting your ability to fight viruses, illness and disease.

When you're living life in "thriving mode" they decrease your stress hormones and increase your helpful and healthy hormones which support your immune system and overall well-being!

Times are different now. Very different. Unpredictably different!

I acknowledge and respect these are quite challenging times for many people, however, I believe we can thrive in these challenging times and not just survive!

If we’re all in this together I believe it’s our OPPORTUNITY to shift our scarcity and fear based mindsets into ABUNDANCE mindsets - and to role model the way!

I LOVE the saying from Mahatma Gandhi – "Be The Change You Want To See In The World". Think about that at a time like now….. I really challenge you to think about this deeply and see yourself on the other side of these isolated and lockdown periods. Whether it’s 3/6/12 or 18 months. How do you want to be on the other side?

Angry, lonely, emotionally unstable, unhealthy, overweight, pessimistic?

Or happy, connected in ways like never before, mentally and emotionally more resilient because of the work you’ve done, healthier and more active than ever before and proud of who you were through the challenging times and who you’ve become?

This episode isn’t me talking about all the news and impact of the current world crisis. There’s enough of that in the media and on social media. My opinion of what’s happening isn’t what’s valuable.

This is about my opportunity to role model the way AND share the value that the world needs now more than ever - the knowledge, skills and resources to not only support our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing but also how to THRIVE in these key areas of life during these times of unprecedented uncertainty.


Resources mentioned in the podcast:

IGTV and Facebook vids: @lifeforxlns & @brettrobbo1

Home health-olation physical training program: http://yourlifeofimpact.com/hometraining/

Calm Mind Co: https://calmmindco.com/