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8. Knowing Your Gut Microbiome to Reduce Inflammation with Naveen Jain
Episode 82nd December 2019 • Healing Hormones • Nina Boyce
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Today I had the pleasure of talking to entrepreneur, philanthropist, and CEO of Viome, Naveen Jain! We met at the Global Wellness Summit, and he was truly speaking my language when it came to gut health. Today, he is here to explore how understanding your gut and knowing which foods to eat and avoid is essential for reducing inflammation and chronic disease.

Naveen shares how he thought he was doing the right thing for his body by eating certain foods, but realized after testing that he was actually harming it. This led him to create his new company, Viome! In our conversation, we also discuss why taking a probiotic can be harmful, and why focusing on diversity of food and fermented foods is essential. Naveen also digs into the problem with the pharmaceutical companies and suppressing symptoms. Tune in for this highly informative episode to learn about the microbiome!

We Chat About:

  • How fearing failure limits our growth
  • Your immune system is tied to your gut
  • How bacteria affect our moods
  • Pharmaceuticals negatively impacting our gut
  • How vegetables may be harming you
  • Recommended reading for gut health


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