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Discovering Your Type of Customer
12th April 2016 • The Growth Vault Podcast •
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"And I'm thinking, does this guy want me to drop three dollars or something? Is this guy the right customer for me? It's a matter of being brave and actually telling the customer that your relationship might not work out."

  Lee Burbidge, founder and editor of Window Cleaning Magazine joins us today from the UK! A successful YouTuber and entrepreneur, he speaks of his experiences of all over the world by beginning with a small residential window cleaning business.  

A bit about Lee [1:11]

  • Successful media guru
  • Founder and editor of Window Cleaning Magazine
  • Tells us the story of how he got into cleaning

How Lee discovered the kind of business he wanted to run [4:44]

  • Bumpy beginnings
  • A scale-able business of people
  • Respect for the artisan

Are there any differences between the UK and American market? [7:25]

  • U.S. window cleaners typically earn two to three times as more as ones in the UK!
  • Difference in customer spending habits
  • Houses are typically smaller in the UK (2-3 windows vs. 20-30)
  • Amount of cleaning detail
  • Industry to customer interaction

Play the long game [13:21]

  • Build a solid structure around your processes (aka systems!)
  • Perspective in opportunity
  • "Is your business's growth switch on?"
  • Being creative will set you apart from hundreds of others

Automation isn't impolite [17:01]

  • Scheduling systems
  • Company vehicle tracking
  • Follow-ups can be automated so they are less intimidating

Everyone already has systems [18:51]

  • Except they're not always that good
  • The way we talk to people
  • The way we do anything
If you are able to turn around and take yourself out of the business and it would run itself, then you have your systems and it is automated. But to take it to another level, you have to foresee pitfalls and problems, and create systems for those too.


It's all about accountability [22:13]

  • Building trust with customers, especially in the UK, can be difficult
  • Giving customers reassurance
  • Trustworthy service has a higher value

"You're not the right customer for my company." [26:55]

  • Lee shares with us his ideal customer
  • Some customers aren't worth it with certain systems
  • Sometimes we forget to say no

Be a specialist [28:18]

  • You don't have to be the best in doing all types of services for all people
  • Serve at a high level
  • Josh demonstrates his customer value speech!

Lee's story with Window Cleaning Magazine!  [32:39]

  • His passion for window cleaning lead him to writing articles
  • Rejected by a few magazines for advertising grey area
  • Research lead him to publish his own
  • The "Oomf" factor

  Check out Lee's YouTube channel here and watch some of his videos, you won't be disappointed. His online magazine jam packed with "Oomf" factor is viewable as well, here at Window Cleaning Magazine.   Thanks for listening! See you next time.

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