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Andrea Carpi with CAD Service
4th October 2023 • The Industrial Talk Podcast with Scott MacKenzie • The Industrial Talk Podcast with Scott MacKenzie
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Industrial Talk is onsite at Hexagon LIVE and talking to Andrea Carpi, CIO of CAD Service about the visualization of operational assets.  Here are some quick points from the conversation:
  • Innovation, problem-solving, and the intersection of math, art, and music. 0:04
    • Andrea Carpi with Cad Service is the guest on Industrial Talk with Scott Mackenzie.
    • Andrea and Scott discuss their first-time experiences in Las Vegas, including the city's energy and attractions.
    • Andrea discusses how reading "Gideon Bach" by Offenbach changed their perspective on the world and led them to pursue biomedical engineering.
  • Using technology to manage facilities. 5:01
    • Andrea emphasizes people-focused approach to tech innovation, prioritizing understanding needs and creating a better world.
    • We create software that integrates visual data like 3D models with powerful AI to manage facilities, even for those without existing digital models.
    • Leica Geosystems collaboration enables autonomous scanning of facilities for accurate data capture, connecting reality to digital models for efficient management.
  • Using digital twin technology for facility management. 10:38
    • Digital twin is a simple way to explain the idea of managing a facility's long life cycle.
    • Facilities can be treated as living organisms, with data from sensors and simulations providing valuable insights (0:12-0:13).
    • Integrating data from different sources can create a feedback loop to understand facility performance and make better decisions (0:14-0:15).
    • Developing autonomous systems for various industries, including transportation and nuclear facilities, to improve safety and efficiency.
  • AI-powered asset management and technology at Hexagon Live. 17:04
    • Scott MacKenzie: Can buses have real-time health monitoring devices like Ferrari? Yes, it's done and saves money by preventing issues before they happen.
    • Andrea Carpi of CAD Service discusses the importance of intuitive software and provides contact information for those interested in learning more.
    • Scott MacKenzie highlights the visual nature of CAD Service and encourages listeners to reach out for more information.
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Welcome to the Industrial Talk Podcast with Scott Mackenzie. Scott is a passionate industry professional dedicated to transferring cutting edge industry focused innovations and trends while highlighting the men and women who keep the world moving. So put on your hard hat, grab your work boots, and let's get right


our bucket list to attend for:


Well, we are fantastic. We are super excited to be there. We've actually got a nice event. Las Vegas is an amazing city. And we are so excited. Yeah, well,


what I mean, it was this your first time in Vegas?


Yes, it is. It is it is it is. It's amazing.


What's what's your what's the first thought that comes to mind when you say when you when you're like coming in? I'm flying. Yeah.


And we're super excited. And when I just walked on the street and I said wow, this is look like Disneyland for adults. It's amazing.


Did you guys go to did you go to any other interesting hotels?


We went to the Caesars to the Bellagio them to the high res It was amazing. Which Which is your favorite? Oh, well. They're all amazing. They were like, Oh, look,


that's that's just sort of we liked the Bellagio. See how bold I am. I'm just gonna we always just it's always though everything is just such a. I don't know. For the eyes, it's just an absolute absolute allotted time. All right. For the listeners out there. Andrea, give us a little background on who you are.


Well, I, I am 24 years old guys. I, I had a classical background I studied late in an ancient Greek High School. And then I add a twist, I read a book, it was mind changing. He was called girdle Escher, Bach. And it changed my life because it changed my perspective on the world. And that's why also I choose biomedical engineering at university. And then I graduated the bachelor and master degree in Polytechnic of Milano University in in Milan in Italy. And then I mentioned that, and that was an amazing experience. So I joined the company, first as a developer, then as innovation officer, and now as Chief Innovation Officer. And we are enjoying a lot we are creating so much tech. And this event is special. Because we can really share, share with our experiences, our thoughts, our ideas with the customers, listen to their voices, and then create something special.


So you're really focused in on trying to solve problems with those customers and listen to what they need to do. But I have to jump back to that book. Yeah. Tell me about that book.


Oh, it was amazing book. It's related about three different topics, which might really look different at the first look, math, art, music. And this book is amazing because it's great to this kind of circularity, good, the leisure back good that I'm mathematician Escher, a famous artist and back one of the greatest musicians of all times. And in this book, The offer really bounce everything up saying that's a continuous between them between different sciences when you try to really express yourself, what you try to get out of referential. So that's about being what is consciousness is amazing book really, for me one of the best book I've ever read.


In the name of that book. I'm sorry, I have to belabor because I like I like discovering new books. What's the name of the book Gideon?


Asher back by Offenbach. I hope my pronunciation is correct.


No, that's okay. That's amazing book because that sounds really interesting Most definitely. All right. When you came to this particular conference, how is tad service let's let's back up just a tad bit. What is CAD service do.


We are a software company. We started as, as info technology partners. And then we were acquired by Exxon. During our last acquisition, it was really an interesting journey. At first we were disoriented. But then we really all shadows, all the faults went away. And we just saw our missing these companies. They do an amazing technology. And we are so inspired between of being here, we really can't look around without seeing something which is amazing. Outstanding. And so I tech, sorry, tech, but technology oriented to people. And it's Yeah,


yeah. And what's interesting is, as you go to these events, he's I mean, if you're ever in this location, you'll see that there's just, it's It's massive. And that's one of these doors that that you walk down this hallway is filled with somebody demonstrating, presenting, talking about a challenge or a solution, whatever it might be. But it's just Door, door after door. It's no it's it is


it's American size. It's


big time. And what's fascinating to your point is that each one has has a they're collaborating, they're talking as they're they're focused on the human element associated with the innovation or technology that they're talking about.


Absolutely. So I was co authored with a meanie really put that as a focus. Tech is nothing without people. So the key is, in my opinion, is to really talk to people to understand their needs, their pains, what they're afraid of, and then try to use technology, not by itself, but as a tool to solve the issues, to solve the challenges. And then to try looking forward to create a better world, a better ecosystem to make everything faster, easier, more straightforward. And also looking at the environment, trying to save our world from the challenges we are facing. And that's an amazing perspective. So really, I'm Harmon of being here.


It is, it's to a certain extent, it's overwhelming. How does cat service? Let's back up a little bit. What does cat service do?


Well, we provide, in simple words, what is visual for AIM, which is one of the vision of Hexagon, AI, asset lifecycle intelligence. So we create software, which allows our customers to bring visual data like 3d to the documents, inside em, we try to find assets, and to under to scan their buildings, their facilities to gather what they can manage. So we really integrate the powerful am system with some visual capabilities, which allow you to put data back on the drawings, or your freedom be models, and then to better manage your plant, because you can see, you can manage what you can see.


So here's how I look at it. You have the physical, yeah. And the physical world with the operations right there. Cat service comes in and creates more of a sort of a digital representation of that, that physical world. Well, or is it?


Yeah, it's a bit more complex. Yes, well, when we start, we will usually start you will be used to start because then on the go to tell you something, which is breaking news. But we used to work with companies, which already have buildings, made, of course by architects by specialists, which really have the design of the building in mind. So this kind of approach, especially for very large projects, like infrastructure, mega infrastructures, is mandatory. So when you got a 3d model of the building, then we can we start when the digital model is already present. And then we can take this kind of information and take out the most of it to integrate the data they already are present in these drawings in these models inside em so you can manage your asset your facility, you can really take the most of what you already have. And now we are changing this part of the game. Because we are we announced recently, one of our latest collaborations with another division of Hexagon which is Leica Geosystems. So we are envisioning of using the powerful scanners which you can see mounted on drones on the robot dogs and working autonomously in some facilities to gather the information from the reality we're capturing reality. And then we are creating this connection To take not just something that you already have as a 3d model, but something that isn't a 3d model yet, take this kind of information, bring it into the open card, and then visualize this data. So really the times if you don't already have a 3d model of your buildings, is gutted by 10 times or more. Because you don't need to create a digital model. If you don't have one, you just can take this amazing technology by Leica, and walk around your facility, acquire the reality, and then we already can use this information to manage your facility. And it's amazing, it's super important.


Yeah, tell me why. Because I want to know why? Well, it's


ilding it. And then you spend:


explain to me how this is the difference between what you're talking about, and the conversation around digital twin?


Well, they're really bounded, digital twin is just an amazing way, a simple way to explain this idea. So if you have a very big plant, like a huge manufacturing facility, making infrastructure, or also a small business, the idea is that you can really bet do make better choices, when you can see when you can understand in real time the data you get from this you get from a sensor, and when you take really out the most of it, when you integrate this information, and then you can understand the needs of your facility, you really have to think to to a facility as it is alive, being alive being organism. And that's that's fine, because that's also really inspiring to me, I am a domestic I am I got a degree in mechanical engineering. And so I really look at facilities that clambakes the structural elements, also the exterior aspect, as it is an organism as if it were an organism,


here you in your solution run simulations,


well not in open cat, there are other amazing product by Hexagon which already do this. We are focused on integrating and sharing information between the different sources of data. We are a connector a visual connector


of visual connector, take me through a use case that let's say I have a motor, right, there's a motor and I can see it and you can see it digitally right yeah and II am Yeah, but also I can see the data associated with that motor Exactly. And the health of that


you can you can you can see, if there are some concerns about vibration issues, you can see the the history of that motor, whether these as broken many more times with respect to other Moto is doing another mother which is next to eat, why this is broken more often than the other one. You can really predict what can happen in a lot of ways like we can have image augmentation to see whether this is vibrating, you can just have a sensor, which can transmit data in real time. Also to get vibration, you can use thermal cameras to understand whether it is getting hot or not. Really this kind of data can interact together. And then you can really see as an organism, you got to create a feedback loops to understand what's happening on your


reality is I can do it all from my desk.


You can do it off your decks and you can if you move you can do that for your new location. You can be in all over the world. And that's especially important because you don't need to put human life at risk. We're now we are talking about facilities about manufacturing facilities but not the only use case or for aim. We are talking about huge, huge, huge, like plant In the oil and gas field, we can talk about radioactive situations, we can talk about nuclear reactors, we can talk about facilities with very low temperature, because maybe it may be very, in the very, very, very cold, very cold places where it will be dangerous for or hazardous for humans to be there. So that's the idea. We are making everything more autonomous, more predictive, more intelligent, more lifelike


can can it be also applied to assets that move like a bus? Oh, definitely,


we got, we got many customers in the transportation field, like metros, bus systems, naval aviation, that's really a use case, that's really a use case. And really, the idea is that everything, it can be really everything a building a bus, and a play in our facility, our nuclear reactor, everything as to be as an organism. So what we eat, the idea is that it should auto repair in looking forward, it should auto repair, it should gather sensor about itself status, if it is if it thinks it is going to have some issues, maybe because I can get it from the my sensor that a motor is vibrating a lot, or at the temperature is raising too much. It should raise a warning, then I should ask our specialized operator to go there to understand to inspect to maintain, eventually, my assets, I can pretty print that the missing piece. I can get there. And I get it, there is a dangerous situation. I can use robot arms to fix that. That's not which is which is missing to change the bearer. And then everything is fine. Again,


we're still at the tip. Yeah, we're still getting so much. At the tip, one of the questions I had when it's with that, and it's a safety related question, it would, can you take a bus transportation, have the devices on the bus that are measuring the health of that bus? In a real time way? Sort of like Ferrari? Does an f1 be able to manage that asset on a real time basis? Yes. And then be able to say, hey, that buses experience it's on a route to having some challenges here and be able to at least say, hey, these go in for service? or can that be done?


create it, and then you spend:


So I do like that. And I think it's a third and it has quantitative value at the 10 101,000. So you're you're you're impacting that reality, and you're reducing the cost because you're not having catastrophic event exactly, or exactly organizational downtime, or whatever it might be and whatever the else, all the other stuff that happens. Now shifting gears real quick. You're here at Hexagon live. You've been around and you've been looking at some of the tech what technology is getting you excited?


Oh, it's amazing. It's amazing. I am a fan of tech. Yeah. And here I find its finest level. Because really, usually, in some period of time, we were used to really cumbersome and complicated technology, which is was not designed for humans. Now what they see in the in the head of AXA is really the willingness to create technology for humans. And I don't know if you have seen for sure you've seen the amazing devices, which you can fall in, in this in this app in this event. It's amazing. It is beautiful, it is playful, it is personality. You really you really feel you can interact with it. It that said also the the kind of approach we use for software, we do software for people and people must be able to understand that as a chief innovation officer, and also I will say a designer, the best instruction is no instruction. I want my software to be used by people without needing instructions. See, that's the I think it's you shouldn't be so intuitive. That's objective.


C, that's, that's such a great point. And I think usability, there's just so much style and design that is necessary to and that creates greater compliance, whatever, wherever it is, you don't want it to be cumbersome. You don't want to have to create walls between getting to you, you know, the results that you desire. I agree. By the way, have you seen some of the presentations? Amazing. It's like, what, how did they do that? Yeah. Like everything so cool. All right. Well, we have to wrap up. Andrea, how did they get a hold of you?


Thank you so much. It was amazing to be


heard. If somebody says I want to get a hold of you and cat service. How do they do that?


Definitely. You can contact me my email address is Andrea. Dot QRP at cat And we are you can find us on the socials. You can find us on the exago now websites, and we can't wait to hear from you.


You're everywhere. You are absolutely wonderful.


Thank you so much scotch. I'm really pretty. It was a pleasure. Yeah,


it's excellent. All right, we're gonna have all the contact information out there on Industrial Talk for Andrea, please reach out to him because they they are doing wonderful things. Once again, we are broadcasting from Hexagon live. It is an event that you need to put on your calendar in a big way. It is a five hardhat rated event. My humble opinion. So stay tuned, we will be right back.


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Yeah, his name is Andrea. Andrea Carpi CAD service is the company. And, you know, being a visual guy myself, I can appreciate seeing your organization represented visually, to be able to just improve the management of your assets. That's what they do at CAD service. So check it out. It will all be out on Industrial So reach out to Andrea, you're not going to be disappointed with that connection by any means. So we're building the platform. We're building the platform that is also just dedicated to education. That's what we're doing. We would like for you to be a participant on it. Go out to Industrial Talk. And just say Scott, I want to know more. And we'll feature you we will do everything that we possibly can to help you to be a success. All right. Be bold, be brave, daring greatly. Yeah, put Hexagon on your bucket list to attack. We're gonna have another great conversation shortly. So stay tuned.