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Episode 058: Getting your personal brand right with Brittany Hammond
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Episode 058: Getting your personal brand right with Brittany Hammond

brittany-hammond-6-copyWe have a great show lined up for you today. We have Brittany Hammond from UntamedLifestyle&Business on to talk to us about Personal Branding, Live Events and getting your story right.


Brittany’s passion is helping entrepreneurs to create an authentic public persona, leveraging their unique qualities, and crafting Brand Stories that inspire and connect.


She works with a variety of business owners and entrepreneurs from writers to actors to coaches/consultants and product-based businesses, not to mention bloggers and Vloggers.




  • Do’s and Don’t of branding
  • Imagery and photography
  • Getting your “Story Inventory”
  • Running Live events
  • and the customer journey




“People say it, but you just have to do it”


“Can people see themselves in your story?”


“it’s not always about you, it’s about relating to your ideal clients or readers”


“The posts that are most honest and vulnerable get the most interaction and engagement”


“Having consistency in your imagery helps to elevate your brand”


9 ways to make money from your blog





Brittany’s Website: UntamedLifestyle&Business.com

Brittany’s Facebook: Brittany Hammond

Brittany’s Instagram: Brittany Hammond

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