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192 Mycotoxins & Toxins – Brain Data & Recovery – Woeller
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192 Mycotoxins & Toxins – Brain Data & Recovery – Woeller

Testing For Mycotoxins From Mold At Any Age

Dr. Kurt Woeller has been a biomedical autism specialist since 1998, and in this interesting CBJ Episode, he clarifies the multiple benefits and indications for Mold awareness and Testing for Mycotoxins. This is the second CBJ guest interview with Dr. Woeller after his excellent first discussion regarding biomedical measurement strategies for autism and treatment failure, linked here: CBJ/140

As an original Defeat Autism Now! (DAN!) referral physician, he has years of experience in researching and implementing advanced biomedical interventions for individuals with autism. His extensive network of educational websites, books and webinars provide parents of individuals on the autism-spectrum, as well as physicians and other healthcare providers treating autism, access to an abundance of important information regarding biomedical intervention measurements and treatment strategies.

To have direct interaction with Dr. Woeller right away you can subscribe to his biomedical autism website at AutismRecoverySystem.com. There you can post questions in the Parent Forum which Dr. Woeller will answer directly. He is also available for private consultations through his office including phone and Skype (internet) appointments.

Dr. Woeller's Training Websites - For Professionals & The Public

Toxicity Mastery Course – http://toxicitymasterycourse.com Connect Now: Starts Monday, March 5 - This is the course we discuss in this interview. The content is designed for health professionals, but it's open to anyone who wants to take it. This CBJ interview highlights the mycotoxin portion of this comprehensive course on toxin challenges. If you don't look you can't see.

Integrative Medicine Academy – http://integrativemedicineacademy.com – this is the main website for his various “Mastery” courses. This site provides an overview of each course and in time he plans to add a Reference Directory for practitioners who have taken our courses, and a forum for ongoing QA and case reviews.

Autism Mastery Course – http://autismmasterycourse.com – He is currently two weeks into a relaunch of this course. This was our original flagship course we started with a few years ago. Every time I redo the course I update material. This course is also designed for health professionals and open to parents as well.

SIBO Mastery Course – http://sibomasterycourse.com – this course will be a next big launch after Toxicity Mastery. This course was originally titled GI Mastery (and some of the information on the webpage still reflects that), but we are rebranding it to give a heavier focus on SIBO. We're planning another Dr. Woeller interview on small intestinal bacterial overgrowth - SIBO - and the effects it has on other conditions, e.g. fatigue, mental health, brain fog, & emotional dysregulation.

Autism Recovery System – http://autismrecoverysystem.com – this site was designed to take the place of Autism Action Plan (AAP). AAP is contemporary in content yet built on an older site, so much of the video doesn’t function properly on the newer mobile devices. AAP still exists because people still find it and join, but we are attempting to get people over to Autism Recovery System site because it is more updated and user-friendly. This website is specifically designed for both parents and caregivers with autistic kids who are seeking more information.


Lab Tests Plus – http://labtestsplus.com – this site provides people access to certain functional medicine testing, including most of what Great Plains Laboratory offers such as the OAT, GPL-TOX, Myco-TOX. Each time we receive a lab result, my partner and I provide a written interpretation of findings and provide action step suggestions, e.g. supplements that address helpful, data-driven dietary suggestions.

Autism Global Summit – this website is coming soon, and under construction. This will be the website for the Summit we discussed in this interview. Ed Note:  I'm pleased Dr. Woeller invited me to participate with my presentation on the importance of how to manage medications correctly with ASD children and adults. He truly understands that informed, careful use of some medications can help with aspects of

*Photo by Neven Krcmarek on Unsplash

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Thanks, Dr. Woeller for joining us here at CBJ to review utilitarian solutions for surmounting the challenges so often seen with pervasive challenges of mycotoxins and other toxins that directly affect brain function to cause treatment failure.

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