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Accelerate Your Career with Effective Communication | E97 - Brenden Kumarasamy
Episode 978th May 2023 • The Struggle is Real: Adulting 101 • Justin Lee Peters
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Over the last decade of my career, I've found there is a subset of skills that can be a multiplier for your career growth. One of those super skills is effective communication. I’ve seen those that possess this skill take off leading projects, presenting at important meetings, and getting promotions.

Being an average communicator versus an effective communicator can be really subtle. Sometimes it's the word choice, the framing of the conversation, or the preparation done beforehand. If you work towards mastering the nuance of this skill, you’re going to be the person people turn to in important situations.

Brenden Kumarasamy, a good friend of our show, is back to discuss this nuance and give you a framework you can use today to level up your communication at work. We talked about team meetings, presentations, 1 on 1 connects. I hammered him with questions and he fired back with so much good tactical advice. This guy really knows his stuff.

Brenden’s background includes coaching ambitious executives and entrepreneurs to be more effective communicators and he also has a popular YouTube channel called MasterTalk with the goal of providing free access to communication tools for everyone in the world. Brenden is really making an impact in this space and I feel so blessed that he spending time with you and me to level up our communication.

If you’re a listener of the show and haven’t left us a rating and review, we’d really appreciate it if you did. And if you’re new, welcome, sit back, relax, and let’s learn something new.

Alright, let’s get into it. I hope you enjoy my conversation with the former accounting major, Justin Bieber fanatic, and Mr. MasterTalk himself…Brenden Kumarasamy.

Key Takeaways:

  • How to get the confidence to speak up at your team meetings
  • How to speak in pyramids vs circles
  • Best practices for cross-functional departments
  • How to win the meeting before it even begins
  • How to climb the corporate ladder
  • How to overcome stage fright
  • Setting the tone in a presentation
  • How to prepare and craft a great presentation
  • The secret to not being boring when you speak
  • Tools to enhance your communication style
  • How to level up your 1 on 1 networking
  • Using 80/20 questions to get more clarity with your life


Brenden’s 1st appearance on TSIR: Public Speaking Best Practices, Passion is Bogus, and Pitching a CEO l E16 Brenden Kumarasamy

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