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Dueling Decades - Dueling Decades EPISODE 78, 27th May 2020
It's a retro food fight with Josh Macuga from History Channel's Eating History!
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It's a retro food fight with Josh Macuga from History Channel's Eating History!

FOOD FIGHTTTTTT!! Sort of. It's another episode of Dueling Decades, and this week we brought on one of the stars from The History Channel's new hit show, Eating History! Josh Macuga grabs the gavel for this retro food fight of sorts. Since Josh is a food specialist, prepare yourself for an all food version of Dueling Decades! On an hours notice, Drew Zakmin of the One Headlight 90's podcast joins the crew looking for two consecutive victories with Food of 1997. Marc dives deep into Food of 1975, and he's excited to throw the first meatball! To round things out, Mancrush looks to avenge a tie-breaker loss last week with Food of 1987! Take cover behind a cafeteria table, this one is about to get messy! Josh doesn't disappoint and shows up with some twenty year old Mike's Hard Lemonade to sip throughout, and he's going to need it. Don't slip on the Sloppy Joe, and be ready to dodge a heap full of Josh's behind the scenes tales from Eating History! Find out what food still taste amazing after two decades, or which food kept Josh on the toilet for two days, the best place to hide jelly donuts, huge appetites, soggy cereals, Swedish people, John Denver in the Matrix, a chef that likes to slam stuff, a chef you can't understand, vintage gum talk, Stanley Kubrik's best work, Jack Nicholson at his finest, exploding stomachs, everyone loves ice cream, never get pizza in Utah, famous cookies, nostalgic commercials, mud sharks, Mancrush shares a story about Marine Corps boot camp, soul food surprises, bad parenting, Eating History season two, and just what old foods are red flags to eat? Do you agree with Josh's rulings? Play at home and judge for yourself! While you're at it, send your rulings to our Facebook and pick up 20 points on the Dueling Decades Leaderboard! Please don't forget to subscribe and review! Want to share some of your own 1980s & 1990s memories? Join the other thousands of people in our Facebook group and get more original nostalgic content every day! If you're into the 1960s & 1970s, join our new group! Links below: