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Work-Life Balance - Margarette Dorchester
Episode 128825th May 2023 • Kingdom Cross Roads Podcast • Robert Thibodeau
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Work-Life Balance

Margarette Dorchester

If you have a family, I can guarantee that everything is competing for your time and trying to take you away from your family!  Think about it. Work, social commitments. Sports. You name it and it is competing for one asset you cannot create more of: TIME.

There are only 24 hours in one day. Period. You cannot create an extra three hours to add to your day. The only thing you can do is prioritize your time to “carve out” that extra three hours from your already demanding schedule.

If you are running your own business (and especially if you have employees), your time devoted to your business is even more important. Unfortunately, that is what happens. You end up prioritizing your time devoted to your business rather than family – or even yourself!

Yes, you must prioritize time for your own self-care. Physical exercise, rest and relaxation. I know I have hard time doing that myself. So I’m here to learn today as well as you.

Our guest today is Margarette Dorchester. She has a Master’s Degree in Business and is a Certified Management Consultant and leadership coach as well. She helps individuals and business leaders to rebalance their work and personal lives to benefit themselves and their families, all while keeping their businesses running smoothly.

How do we do that? Well, we are about to find out! Praise God!

Help me welcome to the program, Margarette Dorchester! Margarette, it is so good to finally talk with you. We’ve had a few detours on our efforts to have this conversation, but Praise God, here we are!

First question I always start with is this. Other than that brief in formation I just shared, can you tell us in your own words, “Who is Margarette Dorchester?”

How did you get started in this line of work?

I read on your website some testimonials that talk about you helping them with the “Malcolm Baldridge National Quality Award.” Can you explain what this is and how you help them to compete for the award?

What kind of business usually reaches out to you? By that I mean, small businesses or corporations and organizations that are large, small or in between?

When you first walk into a business in this capacity, as a consultant, what is it you usually want to see first?

Do you do most of your consulting work “on the ground” at the physical location of the business, online or a combination of both?

What kind of packages do you offer or are these tailored to the individual and business?

Margarette, this has been so interesting. If someone wanted to reach out and ask a question or wanted more information on your consulting services, how can they do that? How can they reach out to you?

I’ll put links to all of this in the show notes down below.

Folks, as we said in the beginning, there are only so many hours in each and every day. How you use them is what matters. But you cannot be focused all on work with no self-care or family time included. You would just burn out and be of no use to anyone, including yourself.

I believe the information Margarette Dorchester shared with us today touched someone. I just believe that. I encourage you, drop down into the show notes and reach out to Margarette! Ask your questions. See if this is what you need to get your personal and business life back into balance again. I can almost guarantee you, that when you are able to do this, your business will improve because YOU are improved! Amen! You’re not under the constant stress anymore.

That will also reflect in your personal and family life as well…

In other words, by getting in touch with Margarette Dorchester right now, you will become better for it! Amen!

Drop down into the show notes and reach out and take her up on the free consulting call. Who knows, this may be exactly what you need. But you won’t know until you make the call. Amen!

Margarette, I want to thank you for taking the time to come on the program today and sharing with us.  I do appreciate it.

Folks, that is all the time we have for today. For Margarette Dorchester and myself, this is Pastor Bob reminding you to BE BLESSED IN ALL THAT YOU DO!




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