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Avoid This If You Want To Lose Weight and Keep It Off
Episode 25912th September 2023 • Real Life Weight Loss • Corey Little
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What do we need to avoid if we want to actually keep the weight off?

Should we cut out sugar?

Should we eliminate processed carbs?

Should we stop eating trans fats?

Should we not eat after 5pm?

Or should we cut out bread?

What is it? What is the secret to keeping weight off?

The thing we need to avoid just might be the very thing that you think you really need! It might be the thing that you believe will lead to the weight loss that you want. 

There’s so much in today’s episode …

  • The simple solution to losing weight
  • The flawed thought pattern that keeps us stuck in rigid diet mindset
  • How our “comfort zone” totally fools us and screws us up
  • Who a “diet plan” works really well for
  • The best option for people who struggle to “stick with it”

Also, I wrap it all up by giving you 3 specific things to do if you want to make progress, lose weight, and keep it off.


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