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Medical Conditions that Mimic Psychological Symptoms with Jeff Carmen
Episode 1114th May 2024 • Healthy Brain Happy Body • Northeast Region Biofeedback Society
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This episode's guide is Dr. Jeff Carmen, psychologist, developer of passive infra-red hemoencephalography (pir HEG) neurofeedback. We spoke together about pir HEG in a previous episode. In the next two episodes, we talk about a different topic — the ways that medical conditions can mimic psychological symptoms. Anxiety, depression, anger, and changes in mental status often reflect a psychiatric issue. However, there are times that a brain or body event is the culprit. Migraines, seizure disorders, tumors, and long COVID can all trigger psychological changes. In fact, the psychological symptoms may be the first sign that something is wrong. Listen in to learn more about these complex situations.

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