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Building A Rock And Roll Business Ep. 17 Michael Grozier
Episode 1721st April 2023 • Stuttering Your Way to Success with Erik Weir • Erik Weir
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Stuttering Your Way To Success with Erik Weir Ep. 17 Michael Grozier

Meet my friend and this week’s guest, Michael Grozier, the founder and CEO of Trueline Brands and one of the geniuses behind the House of Blues franchise, Live Nation, and other leaders in the music venue industry.

Michael is an American original, a happy, hardworking, fun guy who has worked with many of the biggest and most groundbreaking bands and artists in the music industry to bring unforgettable performance experiences to fans in cities around the United States. Michael not only brings a reputation for excellence, but is full of insights into the ingredients of success.

In This Episode

The House Of Blues

Values Of The House Of Blues

The Future Of The Greenville SC Music Scene

How Covid Affected The Entertainment Industry


Discovering Artistic Strengths

Advice For Young Musical Artists

Assessing Risk

Life And Art Philosophy

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